Just Like That – Winter May Make A Comeback


Don’t shoot the messenger – but Old Man Winter may make a brief return to the Sault overnight and into Thursday morning.

There’s a good chance Environment Canada will issue a weather statement surrounding a fast moving Alberta Clipper that will track into the Great Lakes tonight and exit Thursday morning.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather travel advisory for areas around Wawa west to Thunder Bay.  The general call is for 5 to 10cm of heavy wet snow for those areas.

Sault Ste. Marie will be on the border of rain / snow mix though there is a chance that the low pressure system will track more southerly, if that happens we’re in for snow – up to 10cm.

Chances are however, the Sault will see mostly rain from this system, mainly during the overnight period and ending Thursday morning.

Computer model shows the position of the low pressure system and precipitation types for 8am Thursday

Once the system moves out of the area, High pressure will begin to move in, expect some wind from the North West to make it feel a little colder than the High temperature of just 6c.

Normal highs for this time of year is just below 10c. So far this month, temperatures have trended well below seasonal values while precipitation has been average to just below average for the month.

Warmer air is on the way, unfortunately for the next week or so, temperatures will continue to sit below normal and then move to seasonal values by the first full week of May


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