Local woman steps up to host Ukrainian family

46-year-old Olga and her 16-year-old daughter will be coming to Canada soon to start their new life- Provided by Heather Dawn.

After reaching out to local support groups to gain assistance in housing two Ukrainian refugees, a local woman has struck out on her own to get their new life started.

“I will be hosting them in my home in Echo Bay,” Heather told SaultOnline this afternoon. “I’m hoping the community will come together to welcome them to Canada.”

Without the support of local groups, she’s reached out to social media to help get this family, a mother Olga and her 16-year-old daughter away from the war-torn region.

“They are coming to Canada with nothing, their house was destroyed and they have no money,” said Heather. ” They should be here within the next few weeks… they’ve done their biometrics, and are now awaiting their visas to come.

The laundry list of things needed for the family is below. Both are a size women’s small with a 7.5 shoe size.

“I have one new double bed already down there, but I require a bed for the other bedroom, for the daughter. (Clean please, with frame, boxspring, mattress)
– pillows (new only for hygienic reasons)
– sheets, blankets, pillowcases only in clean new condition
– kitchen stuff (anything.) 
– bathroom towels, Washcloths, toiletries, personal hygiene items (soaps, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, Deodorant, pads, kleenex, body creams/sprays)
– m
aybe makeup for the 16-year-old?

I will be also looking for clothes eventually as well for both of them.
– need clothes hangers
– small table and chairs, living room furniture
– a dresser for the mother, I already have one dresser down there.

Anything else that anyone can think of?” said her post in local groups.

She will be reaching out to organizations inside the area again once they arrive and is hoping to make their transition to a new country as easy as possible. If you have anything you can offer please reach out to her at [email protected] or on Facebook.

“I just want to give them a good start at life here and show them how welcoming northern Ontario, their new home, can be,” said Heather. “I hope the community will step up and help prove that.”

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