Exclusive with PC Candidate Ross Romano

Ross Romano

Undoubtedly, when we look around our great city we see the fruits of the PC Party’s labour. From road construction to investments made at Algoma Steel Inc. and Tenaris, our city has received over $1 Billion in investments, all while navigating through a pandemic.

With only 7 days to go, PC Party Candidate, Ross Romano, made time for an exclusive, in-person interview at the SaultOnline/ONNtv Studios and answered a few questions.


Romano earned his seat in the Legislature during the Sault’s 2017 by-election, and again in 2018 after he defeated NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy by 414 votes.

Serving as Ontario’s Minister of Government and Consumer Services since 2021, Romano is proud of the work he’s been able to accomplish over the last four years in government.

“We’ve built critical infrastructure in our community. We have created better and higher paying jobs here in the Sault, and we’re going to continue doing that.”

Governing through unprecedented times, as Ontario battled through lockdowns , mandatory masking and school closures, Romano is confident there will be no further lockdowns under a re-elected Ford government.

“We are the only party who is promising Ontarians no more shutdowns.”

Romano is hopeful for a strong voter turnout this year and urges young people in the Sault to head to the polls on June 2nd. Your vote truly does matter.




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  1. Ford was only doing what he was told to do by the federal government he had no choice .. if anyone believes for one min that he did all these on his own ur still asleep… conservatives are the only option … as much as I like maxime and ppc he won’t win

  2. A law should be set in place to all candidates running in any election for them to either be removed or replaced when they fail at what they promise to get elected. Greed and deviant plots non stop caused us to not trust anything our leadership bottom feeders promise these days? who can you trust when we have a Government where all parties are always at a disagreement and nothing but a bitch and suck fest happens by our immature way our Government runs?

  3. If you’re gonna act like a liberal, I will treat you like a liberal and NOT vote for you. How DARE you lock us down and treat the “unvaxxed” like second class citizens? New Blue is the only REAL conservative party.

  4. Look folks, even if you figure they maybe all the same….you may be very frustrated with what’s been going on, with covid and all, this election is pretty important & it’s very important for us to get it right for SSM. We can I’ll afford to change course and bring in an mpp for the 3rd party, the ndp candidate, or just as bad, a parachute candidate who doesn’t even live here. Folks, you might vote for the candidate you hate the least……that’s ok, but there is really only 1 choice. And that my friends is Ross Romano. Please think about it, and when you do, please let your voice be heard on June 2. We do not want to end up once again, at the back end of the bus.

    • Does Ross really live here? I only see him during photo ops and a number of people I know have contacted his office never to have their calls returned. How would having an NDP candidate hurt the Son? Google Sudbury provincial funding and you can see the tens of millions of dollars they have received for things from improving roads and infrastructure, to grants for businesses with an NDP MPP in Jamie West. I understand you are a conservative and want to promote your brand, but the evidence shows that a third party candidate can be successful to help a community grow, develop and improve.

      • The libs will spend us harder into a recession.
        The NDP are licking Justin’s anus for a crum of relevance and selling our children into wage slavery.
        Neither of the “left” parties have any sense or plan to restore this country to a state where youth can think about pipe dreams like home ownership.
        The PPC are probably literally smoking crack.
        New Blue is some hall monitor idiot and his mentally ill wife rambling about extremist ideology.

        I guess that leaves the PCs. I will vote for the single party that seems to care about making money again.

  5. Lmfao, if you all want more future failed promises and more lock downs by all means it’s your choice to vote for Ford. But me on the other hand won’t.

  6. Libs and NDP will pump the gas while we race towards a recession

    New Blue and PPC are actual whackos

    Ford might be a flip-flopping joke, but at least he goes where the votes are.

    Gotta be PC for me!

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