Local Bishop Welcomes Papal Visit to Canada


The Vatican announced this morning that Pope Francis will travel to Canada to meet with Indigenous Peoples of this land on a pilgrimage of healing, reconciliation and hope. The visit will take place July 24-29.

The Vatican announced that Pope Francis will adopt three communities as a base for his Canadian visit: Edmonton, Quebec City, and Iqaluit. The locations will limit travel for the Holy Father, considering the current health of the 85 year old Pontiff, while still allowing an opportunity for both intimate and public encounters, drawing on participation from all regions of the country.

Bishop Thomas Dowd, Bishop of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, welcomed the Holy Father’s commitment to healing and reconciliation. “Pope Francis coming to Canada shows that he is taking reconciliation and healing seriously, and I am grateful for the example he is setting,” said Dowd. “Being here, visiting and listening to our Indigenous brothers and sisters is part of our own ongoing journey together toward healing.”

While the complete itinerary of the visit has not been released, given the focus on Indigenous healing and reconciliation, the Holy Father is expected to visit the site of a former residential school and other locations of particular significance.

Ongoing updates will be provided at www.papalvisit.ca