UPDATED: Local Liberals choose white male student over Indigenous lawyer as their candidate


UPDATE: The Liberal Party now tell us they are no longer running Aiden Kallioinen as a candidate.

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For most grade 11 students, their first foray into politics is usually student council but for a  student that lives in Espanola, becoming the Sault’s next MPP sounded better.

Meet Aidan Kallioinen. The local Liberal association “acclaimed” the high school student as their candidate in the June 2 Ontario General Election.

Meanwhile, an experienced and well-respected Indigenous lawyer, Naomi Sayers, was not the right stuff for the local riding association, so she decided to run as an Independent. She wanted to beat Ross Romano under the Liberal banner, but was turned away.

So who has the right stuff to be the Liberal candidate? Sayers has a long list on her resume. She has the experience and knowledge of the law; Indigenous, administrative, environmental, crime, and corporate law.

According to an article in the Toronto Sun, Charrissa Klander, the “nomination commissioner” for the Ontario Liberals, wrote to Sayers and said: “Given the fact that we are days away from the election being called, and we will be unable to complete full vetting, I am writing to advise you that I have instructed staff to stop further review of your nomination application.”

There was an “enormous volume of material” provided by Sayers, Klander complained.

Kallioinen has never run in a campaign before, in fact, the local Liberal riding association has yet to officially announce their candidate publicly. The riding association, with 16 minutes notice given to local Liberals, released an email to members on Monday night. “Aidan Kallioinen will be acclaimed as the candidate of the Ontario Liberal Party in the electoral district of Sault Ste. Marie.”

All that is known about Aiden Kallioinen is that he lives three hours away from the riding he wants to represent. The Toronto Sun made the story a headline on Tuesday when they published columnist Warren Kinsella’s article “KINSELLA: Liberals choose ‘SlapMyN___MC’ boy over Indigenous female lawyer“.

There isn’t a lot to tell you about the Liberal candidate. He does have his work cut out for him though, Incumbent Ross Romano has a huge lead in the polls locally, with over 42% saying they will vote PC, while Michele McCleave-Kennedy is sitting at 28% and climbing.

However, Kinsella took to Twitter early this afternoon to announce that as a result of his story in the Toronto Sun, the Press Secretary for the Ontario Liberal Party Andrea Ernesaks had reached out to him advising that they had notified Kallioninen that he would no longer be running as part of the Liberal Team.

Voters head to the polls on June 2.



  1. Just another red flag that says they are not serious about taking care of anything in a proper manner. Time for them to get kicked to the curb, we’ve had it with their ineptness.

  2. Liberal politics at its finest. There has to be humor along the line somewhere to make this interesting, instead of just finger-pointing. Or slapping, in this case…

  3. Well, well, well, the local lieberals had an awakening !!!! Just like the federal lieberals, poor leadership is a fine recipe for very poor decision making & thus poor results. Who, in their right mind still continue to support these left wing destructionists is beyond me. Oh well, good luck with that.

  4. He’s not running anymore thank god!! People need to wake up to the lieberals way of doing things!! Bankrupt every province and the country! The Wynne days all government entities were on the chopping block!!

  5. The Liberals are still paying for what they did to this province before the tories took over. It is really sad when the best candidate you can find is a child. The phrase sacrificial lamb comes to mind.

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