Ontario Liberals promise $1B to clear surgery backlog from pandemic


TORONTO — The Ontario Liberals are promising to put $1 billion over two years toward clearing a surgical backlog.

Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says the COVID-19 pandemic has put an incredible strain on health-care services and health-care professionals.

He says a Liberal government would put the additional funding into allowing hospitals to operate “significantly” above pre-pandemic volumes and expand operating room and diagnostic procedures into evenings and weekends.

The Ontario Medical Association estimated last fall that the pandemic had created a backlog of 20 million health-care services including doctors’ visits, diagnostic tests, treatments and surgeries.

In March, then-health minister Christine Elliott said the surgical backlog was around 50,000.

The Liberals say they will also help create not-for-profit surgery centres managed by local hospitals to manage higher surgical volumes.



  1. The Liberal nomination process is a dumpster fire. Watching this unfold, how could anyone believe they would be competent to govern? Sounds like they are going to fly in a failed candidate from Southern Ontario. They would be far better off to not run anyone, rather than insulting our community further.

  2. There is the same chance of this happening as there is of this dude’s hair growing back. Zero. What are they going to promise next? the sky, the moon? Grasping at straws is what they’re doing, and they’re going to lose this time around.

  3. Yeah. Sounds good on paper. Just like the NDPs promise to hire 300 doctors. From where? There are doctor shortages everywhere, not just Ontario. They must have a magic wand to wave and produce all this. Where can I get one of those wands. I want to retire.

  4. It will be interesting to see how that could work. It seems we would need more operating rooms and a lot more doctors and nurses. Where will they come from? Will current doctors be required to work excessive hours?

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