Sault Liberals Announce Candidate While More Names Added To Ballot

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Two weeks into the Ontario Election campaign and the Sault Liberals have announced a candidate.

The Liberals have acclaimed a first time candidate who hasn’t quite completed High School.

Grade 11 Sudbury student, Aidan Kailloinen who lives in Espanola will carry the Liberal banner for the June 2nd election.

Naomi Sayers who had planned to run as a Liberal candidate but denied from the local association will now officially run as an Independent.

Rounding out a candidate list of 6, Shane Pankhurst has been selected for the New Blue Party.

Ross Romano, incumbent MPP and a PC currently leads in polls taking 42.9% of the vote followed by Michele McCleaveKennedy for the NDP at 28.8. Liberals start with just 18.2% while The New Blue Party sits at 2.6% while Green Party Keagan Gilfillan  has 3.0% according to 338Canada.





  1. First off congratulations to the boy , always nice to see young people stepping up to want to do something for people! Sad embarrassment is the Liberals running him as a candidate for a provincial election. This kid should be running for student council president as he seems very knowledgeable and has a bright future. Anyone voting Liberal should be absolutely embarrassed and ridiculed!!

  2. This speaks volumes about the Liberal party of Ontario. They have to bring in a child to represent the city of Sault Ste Marie from Espanola who went to school in Sudbury. This shows how much they care for this city, this was not a snap election and that is the best they can do. I think they had their eye on our Mayor but his reputation seems to be in the toilet now

  3. Wow, when you think you’ve hear it all, you find out you have not. The local libs had a young, energetic, intelligent “local” candidate in Naomi Sayers & what do the libs do ?? They choose instead a “fly in” candidate, one who is not even of voting age. What has happened to the liberal party of David Orazietti & Carmen Provenzano ?? Anyway, maybe all those liberal supporters should think about supporting Naomi Sayers who may be running as an independent. Doesn’t this remind you a bit about what our pompous pm trudeau did to another talented indigenous Canadian, Jody Wilson Raybould ?? Folks, the last thing this city needs right now is to go back to having a ndp representative. Good luck.

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