MNR UPDATED – Two Forest Fires burning in the area uncontrolled


Last night we brought you stories of two forest fires which had started in the area, this morning the fire map for Ontario shows both still burning out of control. Fire information officer Evan Lizotte provided these two updates marked MNR UPDATE.

The first broke out late yesterday afternoon along highway 17B in Garden River at Ojibway Park. That fire is currently registered at 50 ha (about 100 football fields) in size and out of control by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

MNR UPDATE – Sault Fire 7
Confirmed yesterday evening. It is a 0.1 fire located two kilometres northwest of Island Lake and 0.6 kilometres west of Hwy 552. No FireRanger Crews yet on this fire. Currently not under control.

The second one is located west of Highway 552 East but north of Highway 556, northeast of Heyden. It is significantly smaller as of the last report at .1 hectare. less than a football field in size.

MNR UPDATE- Sault Fire 5

Confirmed yesterday evening. Sault Ste. Marie dispatch called in fire along beach in the Garden River First Nation in the Ojibway Park area. Fire on beach West side of the park, flames spreading quickly toward Hwy 17B. Garden River and Eco Bay Fire department on scene with one Fire Ranger Crew initially. Three Fire Ranger crews committed. Currently a 50 hectare fire and not under control.

There are 4 members to a Fire Crew.

Stay with us throughout the day as we continue to update these efforts.