Airport Association adds voice to end mandates


As social media becomes increasingly dotted with horror stories of insane wait times at airport customs, the governing body for airports has spoken out.

The Canadian Airport Council took a stance against the Federal Government yesterday regarding the ongoing vaccine mandates.

The CAC took to twitter with a statement asking for the mandates to be removed.

They have added their voice to others including WestJet CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech who recently tweeted a request for the same thing from the government.

CAC Interim President Monette Pasher told CTV “It would normally take a customs agent, when you’re in front of them at their desk, about 30 seconds to process a passenger. But now it can take anywhere from two to four times that or up to two minutes because they have to review health questions,” said Pasher. “They have to vet passengers to determine if they are going to be randomly selected for testing in our airport environment. We have 50,000 people a day coming into our airports through international travel at our borders… [a] lot of people to move through with these processes.”

She also noted that Canada is currently short about 900 agents to do the job.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed we are still in a pandemic when he spoke on the issue last week and says they are in fear of another wave, which is why the restrictions haven’t been lifted.

“The reality is, as much as people would like to pretend we’re not, we’re still in a pandemic. There are Canadians who die every single day because of COVID-19,” he said. “I know people are eager to get back to things we love, but what will also further damage our tourism industry is if we get another wave.”

The mandates have been extended until at least June 30, 2022.

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  1. Vaxxed or not u can still transmit and catch covid! So y all the bs with arrive can as turdeau says follow the science! We must flush the turd!!

  2. Yeah. Don’t expect these to go anywhere. It’s unscientific vanity by our idiot virtue-signaler-in-chief, who is above criticism.

    Worse, ArriveCAN is funneling taxpayer dollars into a pointless but inexplicably mandatory app – another SNC-style grift from Justin.

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