BFN Community Safety Notice – Assistance Requested in Locating Eric Mearow


The community of Batchewana First Nation (BFN) has issued a safety notice instructing the public to contact area law enforcement, OPP or Sault Ste. Marie Police (911), Batchewana First Nation Police (1-888-310-1122) or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-8477) should you see or know the whereabouts of Eric Mearow.

This safety notice is intended as guidance to protect the community and take all precautionary measures. It is being advised that if you see this individual, please do not make contact of any kind, seek a safe place and immediately notify the authorities.

In addition, the BFN is advising all members to please lock their doors and windows and stay inside if they witness this person roaming the area as he may be armed and dangerous. If possible, keep yard areas well lit for safety and protection.

Should you have any information with regards to this individual or his location that may assist others in areas such as Goulais Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Garden River, Searchmont and other local areas, please contact the OPP by dialing 911 immediately.



  1. Agreed!! Catch and release… now legalizing hard drugs in B.C what are they thinking!! They shoulda thrown that character in jail for life regardless of his upbringing drug issues and whatever other issues this individual has!! U defective jail u go!!!

  2. You know you are a bad character when your own are putting out a statement. Maybe the justice “system” for once should do there job. I hope the victim is doing well and I sure hope they have no substances in their body or he will be walking a free boy again.

    • Justice system is doing what the libtards tell them to do. Don’t like what the criminals are doing then don’t vote libtard next time.

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