City Confirms receipt of letter from Ombudsman’s office


Our outlet has learned that the Ontario Ombudsman has sent a letter to the City.

According to information provided to us by readers, the letter is in relation to the perceived nepotism which occurred within the ranks of Sault Fire Services.

SaultOnline was made aware that, at the time, at least two individuals had filed complaints with the Ontario Ombudsman’s office in regards to the hiring and possible policy breaches.

When our reporter questioned the City about the letter and if it would be put on the upcoming agenda, Communications Manager Tessa Vecchio was able to confirm.

“Yes this will appear on the next Council agenda,” Vecchio replied via e-mail.

In this moment, our team is unsure what the contents of the letter are, however speculate that a number of results could arise, including but not limited to absolving the City and Fire Services of any wrongdoing in the matter. Conversely, it could also apportion fault in the process and recommend solutions or it could align with the direction taken to resolve any perceived conflicts.

What the Ombudsman can’t do is reverse the decision or have anyone removed from any positions.

Stay with SaultOnline as our staff brings you the letter in full when it is released to the public.


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