Exciting times in the UP as the Mackinac Bridge sees a milestone in crossings


On the afternoon of June 15th, an active family decided to take a drive to the Upper Peninsula for a scenic hike.

Mackinac bridgeKnown for its natural beauty, Northern Michigan hosts travellers from all over the world eager to take in its charm along with the events that have gained notoriety not only for their fun and family oriented good times, but also for the open arms with which locals receive guests.

This family crossed the Mackinac bridge at approximately 7:20pm and were greeted with excitement, although initially, they had no idea why.  This crossing represented the 200 millionth time that travellers have accessed the bridge.

Captured by the staff at the St. Ignace Visitor’s Bureau, the moment in time will be remembered by all, and in particular by the family who made the milestone happen!