Forging a new financial future: How women can empower themselves by taking control of their finances


As life circumstances change and grow, many women find themselves in positions of financial independence for the first time later in their lives.

When I’m partnering with women on their financial journeys, I truly believe a trusted relationship between us with shared experiences allows for honest questions and honest answers. My clients and the other women in their lives can feel comfortable sharing any financial fears and doubts, while also confident in telling me their goals and ambitions without feeling self-conscious.

With new financial knowledge in hand, these women come to see they can make brave choices and create a new way forward they’d only imagined before. This freedom and self-empowerment comes from venturing into financial decisions on their own, with support from advisors and advocates like myself and my partners. Now financially independent, women can achieve personal and retirement goals they didn’t realize were possible before.

Sometimes women choose to leave neighbourhoods behind, buying a new style home they’d never imagined owning before. Other times, they can reach their financial goals and take the trip that’s always been at the top of their wish list. As they find financial independence, the options become endless.

Financial freedom looks different for everyone. The transition can be difficult and uncomfortable, but having support along the way can help women find their way and create new possibilities. The results may be different than they imagined, but with a detailed financial plan and the support of a trusted advisor partnership, they have the support they need to navigate the changes to their financial situation.

As women meet with trusted financial advisors and forge a path for a brave new future, here are my top tips for getting the most out of their money.

Be open and transparent about the details of your financial situation

Advisors are not here to pass judgement on where you’ve come from. By sharing where you’re at right now, and what you hope to accomplish with future funds, will help you and your advisor make realistic divisions with your money.

Be open and honest about exactly what you hope to gain and achieve in your future

It’s important for your advisor to understand your financial goals so they can put together a plan that works for you and will help you achieve those goals. Even if a goal feels too big, your advisor can help you determine if it’s a possibility or find alternative goals based on your financial situation.

Don’t worry about past financial experiences

As you move into a brave new financial future, it’s important to leave behind any poor memories from past financial experiences. Some decisions and outcomes in the past may have negatively affected you without having had your input.  Find an advisor who listens to your hopes and concerns, working with you to find financial success.

Ask questions if you don’t understand something

You shouldn’t feel intimidated by your financial advisor. As you learn about your money, ask questions, learn more about your financial situation and uncover what’s possible.

I have helped women transition through many life changes, including losing a spouse, losing a lifelong home, changing careers, unexpected retirement and children moving back home.

Watching women thrive through challenging parts of their lives is such an empowering experience for me. I enjoy watching women come into their own and make their own choices; realizing a new life is possible for them and their loved ones.


  1. 100% Ms. Boudreau!!

    I find women are much better, more customer focused business owners.

    I just wish there were a TON MORE women here in Sault Ste. Marie, and throughout Ontario and Canada for that matter, running to be City Counsellors, Mayors, MPPs, and MPs.

    The exact same qualities which make women great business leaders make them great civic leaders too, IMO.

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