Freeland to deliver keynote address about Canadian economy in Toronto


TORONTO — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is scheduled to deliver a keynote address about the Canadian economy in downtown Toronto this afternoon.

Freeland’s speech comes as Canadians have been feeling the effects of stubbornly high inflation, as well as rising interest rates.

Last month, Statistics Canada reported the inflation rate for April rose 6.8 per cent compared with a year ago. That’s the highest since January 1991.

The federal agency is expected to release May’s inflation report next week.

The U.S. Federal Reserve hiked its key interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point on Wednesday – its largest hike since 1994, leading economists to predict the Bank of Canada will follow suit next month.

Canada’s central bank has increased its key rate by half a percentage point twice in recent months, bringing it to 1.5 per cent in June and governor Tiff Macklem has hinted he is prepared to act “more forcefully” if high inflation persists.

Freeland’s speech is being held at the Empire Club of Canada.



  1. Wow…. a journalist who is placed in a pretty important & demanding position as finance minister ????? Why ???? Well, she suits the lieberal narrative….. freeland is female. Another ridiculous & completely incompetent decision by the feminist, pompous & self righteous prime minister trudeau. You can’t make anything up when it comes to this lieberal party.

  2. mister speaaaaker, we’re going to raise taxes and keep jacking up carbon pricing.

    what do you mean the economy is a dumpster fire and we’re an international money laundering hub where no bootstrapping native Canadian can ever dream to own a home anymore?

  3. This lady has no clue!! Just like turdeau no cluebon monetary policy and how to get the ecomy going!! Even the average person on a tailgate in a parking lot with friends and a case of beer have more knowledge about the economy than the liberal clowns!!

    • Yes…..the bobblehead spewed out the usual Liberal promises. What would she know about the economy? She is simply in that position as she readies herself to take over from Justin…soon.

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