Loving little lady is ready to go home now


Smokey is a beautiful and loving 1 year old short haired cat.  She was brought to the shelter as a feral cat but has since surrendered that part of her life to the love and care that can happen at the hands of human beings.  Fully domesticated, she loves to be held — all the time!  Belly rubs and affection are gratefully accepted at the paws of this darling lady.

She has been a resident at the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society since January 5th of this year and is spayed.  If you are looking to add a loving fur baby to your home, Smokey is a great choice.

The process of adoption at the Humane Society is forever altered as a result of the pandemic and applications must be submitted in advance.  In discussion with Laura, staff member and enthusiastic animal lover, she did clarify that this process has remained in place as it has resulted in better living conditions for the pets in general, and the dogs in particular — reducing the transmission of disease, and lowering stress levels in the kennel area.

To begin the process, you can access the application here or you can obtain one in person by going to the site at 962 Second Line, East.  Remember – you must submit your application in advance and then you will be contacted to arrange an in person visit.

There are other ways to support our local Humane Society.  Given the high volume of pets currently being housed as they await adoption, financial support is appreciated as are donations of food whether kibble or wet food (paté).

Alternatively, Spring has heralded an unprecedented number of kittens of varying ages.  If you are unsure if you can take on a pet full time, please do consider offering a temporary home to a pet in need — become a foster care giver.


  1. The irresponsible breeding of cats and dogs by people that think they are going to make a few bucks needs to stop. Far too many pets get euthanized every month.

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