Millroy: Why Can’t Pat King Get Bail?


I absolutely abhorred the truckers’ so-called Freedom Convoy that occupied downtown Ottawa for three weeks beginning Jan. 28.

And, since police didn’t appear to have the will and/or the courage to attempt to get the truckers out, I fully supported Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invoking of the Emergency Act to give the federal government temporary powers to handle ongoing blockades and protests against pandemic restrictions.

It got the job done.

But although the Emergency Act has long gone away, some of the results of its use linger and not in a good way.

Pat King, one of the leaders of the convoy who lives in Alberta but has a Sault background, as of this writing remains in jail 125 days after being arrested for his role in the protest.
He has been denied bail.

I have to ask, as some of his supporters have, why?

Tamara Lich, charged with counselling to commit mischief as she was behind the halted GoFundMe campaign that raised more than $10 million to support the protests, was arrested Feb. 17 but was released on bail on March 7 on the condition she leave Ottawa within 24 hours, refrain from using social media and have no contact with certain co-organizers.
Chris Barber, another key organizer, was arrested at the same time as Lich but released a day later under similar conditions. Barber faced charges including counselling to commit mischief, counselling to disobey a court order, counselling to obstruct police, and mischief that interferes with the use and enjoyment of property.

If they could get bail, why couldn’t King?

When King first applied for bail Justice of the Peace Andrew Seymour said he wasn’t satisfied that King, if released, wouldn’t commit offences similar to those he’s accused of. In delivering his ruling, Seymour said the evidence submitted by the Crown “paints a portrait of an individual who has clear intention to continue his protest and is indifferent to the consequences.”

But that was then and this is now. The protest is becoming distant memory.

Tyson “Freedom George” Billings, co-accused with King, was released on June 15 after having spent 116 days in jail. He got out by pleading guilty to counselling to commit mischief. The Crown withdrew other charges, including intimidation, obstructing police, mischief and disobeying a court order.

Billings was sentenced to time served and six-months probation under the condition that he keeps the peace.

King faces charges of intimidation, obstructing police, disobeying a court order, counselling intimidation, mischief, counselling to commit mischief, counselling to obstruct police and counselling to disobey a court order.

You will note that although he faces more charges than Billings did, they are all pretty much the same.

The Crown should be offering the same deal to King; plead guilty to mischief and be on your way.

After all, to put things in perspective, it is not as if King or any of the leaders of the protest were charged with causing or attempting to cause physical harm to anyone, as was the case with a fellow who got bail recently in the Sault.

Travis Parsons, one of two men involved in a shooting on Beverley Street on May 29 that put a man in hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds, was granted bail, much to the chagrin of many in this city.

If you can get bail on a charge of attempted murder, the charge Parsons faces, surely you should be able to get it on the much-weaker charges King still faces.

Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger said he agreed to release Billings at the joint request of the Crown and defence because Billings accepted responsibility.

He said sentencing is not about retribution. He also said that it was OK to believe in a cause but that it can “get out of hand.”

Crown counsel Moiz Karimjee said in court he could have sought to prove the other allegations made against Billings and thus obtain a lengthier jail sentence but opted not to in light of the fact that Billings is the first figure in the convoy to accept responsibility for his actions.

“I don’t regret it. I’m a freedom fighter,” Billings said outside the courthouse, minutes after his release, to the jubilation of about 50 supporters, including some who took part in the February protests.

According to the agreed statement of facts read out in court, Billings was captured in social media videos disobeying police checkpoints designed to keep people out of downtown Ottawa during the protest and encouraging others to thwart the checkpoints too.

Billings also recorded himself being belligerent toward police and encouraging other protesters to “hold the line.”

Billings said he “went to jail for the kids,” to have mask mandates repealed in schools.
But there’s the rub in all of this.

You don’t take your complaints about masking and vaccines to the federal government, or in this case the Governor-General; they are the purview of provincial governments. One would think that someone among the hundred of protesters involved would have twigged to that.
All evidence presented at King’s bail review remains subject to a publication ban so we are not privy to what the Crown is producing in the way of evidence that would allow a judge to go along with keeping King in jail.

According to a legal expert, King has likely already served more jail time awaiting trial than he would if convicted and sentenced.

“We are already reaching a period of prior detention that overpasses the possible punishment,” said Joao Velloso, a law professor at the University of Ottawa.

Canada purports to be a nation of justice.

I don’t see where justice is being served by denying Pat King bail. I believe it goes against everything we in this nation stand for.
Make it right.


  1. Why do you think they’ve been ordered NOT to use social media, and there’s a publication ban on this case.. b/c they don’t want ppl to know the TRUTH! There’s no transparency in this government! Trudeau and these Judges are the one’s who are the criminals and they should all be in jail, awaiting trial for treason!

    • Even though there are recent examples of lying Supreme Court so-called Justices in the United States, I completely trust Canada’s Justices and Judges to carry out fair and social/media-access-appropriate proceedings to preserve the sanctity and fairness of their eventual trials.

      I’m talking 100% trust.

      What is it that makes you so jaded about the integrity of Canadian Judges, @NaTay71?

      I’m thinking it’s because certain Judges aren’t giving you exactly what you want, but I could be wrong about that. Please enlighten as to us why you think that every decision that doesn’t perfectly align with your world view is somehow criminal and full of conspiracies @NaTay71???

      In any case, from the outside looking at all the stuff that Doug Milroy has presented there is obviously something different about Pat King in comparison to the others who seem to have done greater harm, yet who have been granted bail.

      That difference is clearly contrition.

      The others who have been granted bail have reportedly, and Officially accepted responsibility for their criminal actions. Pat King reportedly continues to deny he did anything wrong.

      In a criminal proceeding that type of denial keeps you from getting bail.

      That, or Pat King’s previous promises to courts carry no weight in the current bail proceeding because he might have already demonstrated that his promises to courts mean nothing.

      Those are the only two reasonable possibilities.

      But there is the other, conspiracy theorist’s possibility that says the entire system is rigged, and no Judge, and no Court Reporter, and no court Security can be trusted to do their job, nor can any of these myriad of people be trusted to blow the whistle when they see injustice being meted out against specifically, and only Pat King. Because, I mean, his three co-conspirators certainly got bail (read Justice) during these same closed door proceedings.

      To you conspiracy theorist, fact deniers @NaTay71, Pat King is a hero, yet he’s the same Pat King who said, “The only way this is going to be solved is with bullets… I am not a nice person… I’ve had just about enough…. You have no idea what’s coming…. Wait till the real bullets start flying”, on HIS Facebook site. In HIS own words.

      Yeah, I know, I’m wasting my time with you Pat King loving Fact Deniers even when your very own beloved Pat King is the “not nice”, bullet talking guy providing those facts.

      I could go on about Pat King, but I won’t, in case his mother is reading this. She loves him, no matter what, and I wouldn’t want to hurt her any more than I probably already have.

      I apologize to you, Pat’s mother, he’s your boy, and nothing will ever change that. That, or the joy that you feel in his company.

      Thank goodness for that!!

  2. I’d like to know why these Judges aren’t in jail themselves..?? They have blatantly VIOLATED the rights of these Canadian taxpayers, and yet.. they still sit in a court room, up on their bench, when they should’ve been disbarred by now.. Why?!!
    These Judges are the criminals folks. They have treated these law abiding citizens like common criminals, and it’s NOT RIGHT! They had the power to release Mr. King and Ms. Lich, and REFUSED to do so.. and so the tyranny continues….
    These ppl had the RIGHT to peaceful protest, and that RIGHT was stripped away from them.. How is this happening when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms “say” that they’ve acting well within their HUMAN & GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, something our forefathers fought and some died for! Was all that for nothing? You’ve really gotta ask yourself that and put yourself in their position and what you’d be thinking right now if this were you.
    Pat King even said it in his videos on Facebook over 3 years ago how corrupt our government is.. and here it is.. it was no exaggeration that’s for sure! Justin Trudeau acts like he’s some kind of “SAVIOR”! Pfffff, he is NO SAVIOR! He’s a DICTATOR.. a facetious dictator!! Look how many laws and scandals J.T’s been involved in, and yet, he’s on this side of the bars, still sitting in his seat too, isn’t he..?

  3. Pat King and those who support him are far from Freedom Fighters. They protest the federal government for things the provincial government implemented . They do this all in the guise of helping average canadians while all they care about is the media they draw . The fact that you chose to even write about this actually proves my point. Pat King is still in jail and not on bail because he wants to be. Those who cry about Freedom in Canada should take a trip to Ukraine and see what fighting for freedom really means.

  4. But yet the person who ran into a crowd of people got bail and is free ! Welcome to turdeau liberal thinking .. we are going backwards as a society appealing to every other movement except the movement to keep criminals behind bars

  5. Pierre poilievere for prime Minister love this guy this guy will turn Canada around and hopefully get rid of the climate and carbon crap,electric vehicles and these covid mandates let’s keep the gas guzzlers and dirty diesels on the rd he has my vote 👍 Pierre Pierre Pierre

  6. Pat King was adversarial in his bail hearings, lied on the stand, and has gone through lawyer after lawyer because of his inability to keep his mouth shut. Pat King is the reason Pat King is still in jail. And it’s great to see Tamara Lich on her way back to prison because she has been waving a middle finger at her bail restrictions since day 1.

    Pierre Poilievre has hitched his wagon to these seditionists, and while it has played well within the base it will cost him the next election.

  7. Last night Tamara Lich was arrested in Medicine Hat for violation of her bail conditions and will join Mr. King in custody. She will have another bail hearing, but will be denied because she has demonstrated an inability to adhere to bail conditions. King was denied bail because he has a history of breaking his bail conditions in previous arrests.

    Remember when conservatives used to be all about “law and order”?

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