Veterans find solace in dried meat business (photos)

CJ's Dehydrated products set up at the longest yard sale (Dan Gray/

You don’t have to look far to find statistics that show veterans struggle with reintegration into normal civilian life.

Stateside the conversation revolved around the 22 veterans a day who lose their life to suicide. On both sides of the border, the numbers are staggering. In Canada we have lost more veterans of the war in Afghanistan by suicide than we ever did through combat.

Joe and Corey stand beside their sign during an event downtown, (Dan Gray/

Corey Tucker and Joe Rancourt are both veterans and have found a new sense of purpose in their business, CJ’s dehydrated products, basically jerky. In a play on words and to simplify their advertising, the name they go by publicly is “Jerk my Meat”.

SaultOnline caught up with the pair at a local event and they explained more about their product line, where they are going, and why they chose to do this.

“Our wives told us to get off our butts,” said Tucker. “We also find it extremely therapeutic to be doing something else with our time.”

Rancourt saw it a little differently.

Photos from CJ’s Dehydrated products (Jerk my Meat) Facebook

“It started out as a hobby and it grew from there, now our hobby has become our passion and a business,” said Rancourt. “You see a lot of guys who get out of the forces struggling to reintegrate, the biggest thing with this business is it’s therapeutic. Realizing that you do have a skill or a talent outside of what you know as a veteran.”

Right now, with 80% of their sales going to veterans, they have soldiers and veterans from across Ontario and other parts of Canada who reach out to them to for their product.

With nearly a dozen different flavours as well as spice rubs and apparel, the products are in high demand.

Personally, this writer can attest to the various flavours and great quality of the product offered.

You can see where they are going to be and shop at their online store straight from their Facebook Page. These best friends, veterans and business owners look forward to hearing from you.

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