Walleye Study in Lake Superior


Biologists at DFO are tracking Walleye in Eastern Lake Superior using acoustic telemetry. As a result of this, fisheries researchers from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are asking anglers to watch for and consider releasing any tagged Walleye they capture.

These fish can be identified by yellow Floy tags located by their dorsal fin. The fish are also likely to have evidence of surgery (a scar and/or sutures) on their ventral or bottom side.
25 Walleye have been tagged in the Batchawana and Goulais Rivers.

Researchers are planning on tracking the movements and habitat preferences of the Walleye for the next two years. There are over 100 acoustic receivers currently active in the Goulais Bay, Batchawana Bay and greater Whitefish Bay area that are operated by a number of local resource management agencies, and these receivers are constantly ‘listening’ for tagged fish that swim by.

DFO asks that if releasing tagged Walleye back into the water, that angers record the tag number, length of the fish, the location of catch, and report it to DFO by calling (705) 941-2665. If harvesting the fish, DFO asks anglers to record the tag number, length of the fish, the location of catch, and call (705) 941-2665 for more information on how to return the acoustic tag.

For more information please contact the social media team at Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Government of Canada at [email protected].