What’s Your Take on The Downtown Improvement Plan?


As part of the downtown revitalization plan, City staff are proposing to resurface Queen Street from Pim Street to Gore Street and Spring Street from Queen Street to St. Mary’s River drive beginning in 2023. A number of streetscape improvements such as lighting, landscaping and benches are being planned.

City staff are hosting a public information session regarding the Queen Street and Spring Street improvements. The session will provide an opportunity to review and offer feedback on matters such as tree and landscaping plans, patio and activity spaces, bench locations, accessibility and more. Join us as we continue to enhance our downtown streetscape.

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Time: 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (drop-in anytime)

Location: Downtown Association Office (496 Queen Street East)

All are welcome to attend the public information session and share comments and suggestions with City staff. For more information or to provide input on the project, contact Carl Rumiel, Director of Engineering at 705-759-5379 or email [email protected].



  1. For Queen Street: Other than changing ALL of the curbs to Accessible Curbs so that ALL citizens can reasonably access every part of Queen Street, I think ALL of the other changes should be completely scrapped.

    An ADDITIONAL $2M dollars for these Queen Street upgrades, ON TOP OF THE $11-12M being spent on the Downtown Parkette, is entirely too much money to take out of an already miniscule Capital Budget that is used for reconstructing ALL of the other roads in Sault Ste. Marie!!!

    What are you thinking City Council???

    Oh, and reduce the traffic speed to 30 KpH everywhere in the Downtown between the Waterfront and Albert Street if you want a more leisurely pace for Queen Street and our Downtown from Pim Street to the west side of Jamestown.

    Cost – How much does it cost to put up a bunch of 30 KpH signs, and time the lights?

    For Spring Street: Go ahead and create this link leading folks from the Waterfront to the Bare Bones maximum $4M dollar Parkette, and make it as nice as you want to ensure citizens and cruise ship, and other, tourists use it to get to the Parkette and Queen Street.

    I’m taking about a Bare Bones Mill Market, rock solid washrooms, and a citizen gathering/sitting/event space, and a vendor space for outdoor Mill Market vendors during the good weather (i.e. no expensive Zamboni, no expensive fountain, no expensive stage, and no expensive skating rink).

    In a phrase – Bare Bones $4M – this is NOT Nathan Phillips Square!!!

    That’s my opinion on this matter. People who want to bankrupt the roads budget for the next five years on this one, ill-advised, massively expensive project when it can still be scaled back to Bare Bones may disagree.

    The Mayor is just one vote, and he won’t have to defend his record on Oct. 24th.

    Get ‘er done City Council.

  2. Why would they want our input now? Must be so if this turns into a flop they can blame the people who gave input. Time for input was when this was first brought to light not after land has been purchased and plans have been approved. Everyone on council should be ashamed of themselves for trying to treat us like fools.

  3. i am actually in approveal of the down town place there setting up[ Then down town plaza is a good place to seell things. Put pu fences to stop shop lister’s, lock then doors/ let’s rejuvanate the down town cor

  4. I for one think we should be holding city council accountable. This is supposed to be a democracy. There has been nothing democratic with this council. They do what they want in spite of what the people want. For that they should be held accountable. We need to put something in place to prevent this from happening again. How about anything over a certain price tag needs to have a public vote on it or at least a complete survey. Once the results are in city council needs to follow the results or face being removed from council.

  5. They have entirely missed the boat here. All the retail action is north of Second line. Queen street should have been resurfaced at least ten years ago. Lighting landscaping and benches are a waste of money. Queen street needs some quality stores and shopping opportunities not the same old stale overpriced options, but again it’s too late for that now.
    A downtown plaza is no the answer either it will just draw more undesirables to the area to hang out and beg for money to buy more drugs.
    Ninety percent of the blame can be laid squarely on the shoulders of city hall and their backwards thinking when they moved everything that mattered to the north end.

  6. What’s the point? Council over the last 4 yrs has already demonstrated that they’ll do what they want anyways, regardless of what the public actually needs or wants or disagrees with!

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