Your Local Weather Today – Friday, June 24


Heat and humidity will continue to build into the area courtesy of a “heat dome” that has formed in the southern U.S.  We sit on the northern fringe of the dome and that means temperatures well above seasonal norms for the next few days.

We will start the day with some cloud, but that should clear out by the afternoon with some warm temperatures to start your weekend.

A heat dome is basically a hot high pressure system that becomes pretty much stationary. Just like an oven, it continues to get hotter and hotter.  We don’t have to worry about excessive heat and humidity like in the U.S. though we will enjoy temperatures near or just over 30c.

Keep in mind whenever you have heat and humidity , there’s a chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms, primarily in the late afternoon or evening. We do have a slight chance of that happening on Friday and Saturday before a cold front moves in giving us cloud and a chance of showers for Sunday with a 10 degree temperature drop.