New Wellness Hub to Support Success of Youth


Today, a pivotal first step toward opening a Wellness Hub for local vulnerable and at-risk youth was announced at the former International Order of Odd Fellows Lodge.

Ali Juma, CEO of Algoma Family Services (AFS) addressed several delegates, community members, stakeholders and youth conveying the plans and goals for this much needed Hub.

“Today is a great day! A day in which we turn the corner on attending to the many issues plaguing our Youth before the pandemic, and as we tragically witnessed, these issues of mental health, substance use, homelessness, and poverty to name a few were only amplified during the pandemic.

Our hope is to grow the services offered at the hub and to be open seven days a week…”

Acknowledging the repairs and renovations, Mr. Juma announced the Hub is scheduled to open this coming fall or winter.

Located at 124 Dennis Street, the purchase price of the building was $180,000.00. Estimated cost of repairs is a projected $350,000.00 in order to facilitate all of the amenities and needs of our youths.

Through an unprecedented level of collaboration between community partners to establish a Youth Wellness Hub, AFS will lease the building on behalf of the partners from the Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation.  The Hub has received generous donations from the City of Sault Ste. Marie in the amount of $100,000.00, an additional $100,000.00 from Youth Wellness Hubs, $52,000 from AFS, $50,000 from CMHA Algoma and $5000 from Sault North Rotary Club.

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario will provide operation funding of $500,000 over the next two years.

The AFS Foundation has agreed to generate money to support the Hub, and a campaign will be started soon. AFS is collaborating with the Social Equity Coordinator to submit a variety of grant applications to help pay for the costs associated with making the facility ADA-compliant (AODA).

Young people from the community will play a crucial part in the co-creation and design of the area as well as the services provided thanks to a Youth Advisory Council. Young people serving on this council will be compensated for their dedication and efforts.

An information session will be organized by the end of the summer to ensure the Hub will bring value to the nearby neighbourhood and create a system to address any worries or issues because the area is home to a number of businesses and residents.

Services in the areas of mental health and substance abuse, health promotion, economic and housing support, cultural and LGBTQ2+ support, anti-human trafficking, food security, and child safety will all be offered by this hub.

Core operations will be  supported by five key positions:

  1. Coordinator
  2. Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor
  3. Intake Coordinator
  4. Nurse Practitioner and
  5. Peer Support Worker(s)

The Wellness Hub strives to become a safe place. Youth may connect with others, learn about services, and create chances for a better future at a place where they can access services and help to build the services in a culturally safe environment.

Please visit the Algoma Family Services website for further details. In the next weeks, a brand-new website will go up that will track the development, the progress, and highlight the people working together to make the neighbourhood a better place to live, develop, and thrive in today’s society.



  1. explain how putting in resources in there we already have that is failing us all in our city??? explain to all of us the help of giving free meth, free needles free crack pipes free condoms and all the enabling groups that clearly has caused our troubled drug addicts to camp out close to where they can get these things for free??? many like me can not trust our health care system in our corrupt city! how do you plan to cover this up?