“Relief” Comes To an End For Gas Prices


It was nice while it lasted seeing gas prices fall below $2 per litre since July 1st.

The Ontario government reduced the tax collected at the pumps by 5 cents. Some communities saw the price drop even further, but we’re told the price is going up sometime Wednesday.

Locally, the drop in the price for regular fuel meant drivers were forking over $1.97 / litre since Friday.

Gas and Oil watchdogs are now saying the price of fuel is set to rise by at least 5 cents per litre on Wednesday regardless of the reduction in taxes.

Heyden Fuels and Convenience, located just north of the city is  currently selling for $1.99 / litre. Most Esso and Shell stations in the city are posting $1.97 while Rankin based, Gen7 is currently selling for $1.77 / litre.  Canadian Tire is also selling for $1.96. Prices peaked in the Sault in June when regular fuel hit $2.18 / litre for a few days.  The price is expected to hit $2.03 / litre in the Sault by this weekend.


  1. What a racket. The price of oil is down to $96 per barrel yet we continue to get bent over at the pumps. The government is as crooked as the gasoline suppliers and dispensers and it’s getting worse by the day.

  2. Sadly if the government don’t make a law where these companies can’t go over a certain price (in reality they won’t lol). So everybody in the border cities atleast can just cross into America and get there gas overthere. Just myself alone I have yet to spend a single dime on gas since the border opened back in April. So that’s several hundred dollars going into America’s economy and not Canada’s.

    • At the current price at Gen7 there are no savings to be had by crossing the bridge as long as gas is over $5.00 US per gallon. The difference in the money, the smaller gallon and the $10 bridge fare make it a waste of time to save a few cents.

  3. So I just read an article. It says that Canada has 18 refineries and thst they can process more oil than we can consume. It also said we have the second largest oil reserve in the world behind Saudi Arabia. So if that is the case so much for the argument that the prices are rising because of the war. We as Canadians need to stand up and make our voices heard. The only reason the prices are climbing is greed. The owners of these companies are making a fortune from us. We need a law that Canada’s natural resources must meet our needs first before any exports. We also need to limit those exports to ensure our future needs are met. Plus a cap must be placed on the profit from our natural resources is put in place to ensure we have a viable economy.

    • Its not only greed its also the liberal government that wants gas unaffordable for us working class. All a part of trudeaus agenda 2030. The carbon tax is only making everything unaffordable since all our goods need gas to be transported. The carbon tax is going to keep increasing until everyone finally has enough. Trudeau thinks everyone can afford a 90k electric car which don’t even work in our cold winters.

  4. Very Good. Please re introduce the provincial Tax and let Justin increase more carbon tax.

    The poor must not drive. Luxury driving and travel must be a thing of the past. Build back better

  5. The gouging continues with no end in sight. It is too bad Canada does not get into the securing and refining of gas for its populace eh?

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