Staff assaulted at Sault Area Hospital on Canada Day


Two separate occurrences of staff being assaulted in the Emergency Room were dealt with on Canada Day according to witnesses and police.

The witness who wants to remain anonymous said on two occasions while they were at the hospital that day, they watched individuals be arrested for assaulting staff.

Sault Police Services Communications Manager Lincoln Louttit has acknowledged this and one of two press releases have been issued about the event.

“On July 1, officers responded to two unrelated assault calls at Sault Area Hospital. An arrest was made in both incidents and charges were laid. In both incidents, victim’s sustained minor, if any physical injury,” said Louttit. “One release is out, another will be released later this afternoon.”

The first release reads-

On July 1, 2022, officers with Patrol Services charged 26-year-old Mary Werth with assault.

Around 4:00 p.m. officers attended Sault Area Hospital for an unwanted person. Upon arriving, officers observed the accused assault a staff member by shoving them.

The accused was arrested and charged with assault. The accused was released on an undertaking and is scheduled to appear in court on September 12, 2022.

We will bring you the second release when it is posted by the police service.

We have also reached out to Sault Area Hospital for ways they are working to keep their staff safe on the job.

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  1. I’m sorry if this offends anybody.. however, I HAVE NO DOUBT! This does not surprise me ONE bit. The way the SAH staff (nurses, in particular – some, not all) treat patients is ATROCIOUS!! The wait times are ABSOLUTELY RIDCULOUS!! It is one BIG NIGHTMARE up at that hospital that was supposed to be “Sooooo Much Better!” Yeah ehh.. B.S! You know what I’d like to know..? I’d like to know why we only have the one hospital??.. Hell, Sudbury has 4 for GODSAKES! One of them is an outpatient hospital, but WHO CARES!!.. 4-Hospitals.. and we’ve got ONE! I would ask, “What the f’s wrong with this city..?” But I think we ALL already know. It’s absolutely unacceptable when a toddler has to wait over 7 f’ing HOURS to see a doctor. And some of those nurses..! Wowww.. I think some of em either better go back to school and take Human Relations 101..! I had to go to the SAH back in Feb 2019 b/c I suffer from anxiety/panick attacks.. I don’t have them often, however when I do, they can get pretty bad and they come on all of a sudden without warning.. how is that my fault..?? The hospital, any hospital.. should be a place where a person can find kindness, comfort and proper treatment for the condition they’re presenting at the hospital with.. Well, let me tell you, the SAH has NONE OF THE ABOVE. I was treated like a crackhead, a junkie.. and even if I was, which I’m not, but the point is they had NO RIGHT whatsoever to treat me any less than a human being, and a patient who needed mental health care at that particular time. Instead of this hospital getting better as the years go on.. it’s getting worse! And I’m certainly not the only one who sees it. If staff at the SAH were assaulted, it is my opinion that they probably deserved it!

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