Don’t toss that clear plastic Rx bottle


Do you hate throwing away clear plastic prescription medication bottles? A solution is now available (important: only for people who live in the greater Sault Ste. Marie area; those living elsewhere should contact Earthub for more information. We are working with the Ottawa-based environmental group Earthub, White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School, Hearterra, and Harvest Algoma to collect these bottles in the greater Sault Ste. Marie area (if you live elsewhere, please contact Earthub in Ottawa for direction).

Here’s how to participate:

  • Save your clear plastic prescription medication bottles with the caps
  • Remove any leftover pills
  • Do your best to remove the labels but it’s ok if you can’t get them off (try rubbing with oil, running under hottest water you can stand, using a magic eraser)
  • Wash (they are dishwasher safe)
  • Put caps on and drop bottles off at our collection depot at Hearterra refillery at 112 March St, OC Beauty at 298 Wellington St W, or Harvest Algoma at 446 Second Line E (to avoid costly double shipping, please do not mail bottles to our drop off locations; if you live outside of the greater Sault Ste. Marie area, contact Earthub for direction).
  • Email financial donations to [email protected] to help offset their considerable costs

What’s NOT accepted here in Sault Ste. Marie

  • No vitamin/supplement bottles or prescription bottles that are not clear plastic
  • No spice jars or other small bottles/jars
  • No bottles that have pills in them, are dirty, or are missing caps
  • Bottles by mail shipped from other areas of Ontario, other provinces/territories, or other countries

So what happens to donated bottles?

Volunteers package them up and ship them off to Matthew 25: Ministries in Ohio. The bottles are used to ship medical supplies overseas.

Have a question?

Email us at

If you’d like to set up a collection depot for prescription bottles, let us know!