City provides update on cleanup efforts for weather event

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Public Works operations will be starting the tremendous task of snow removal throughout the city tomorrow evening, focusing on the main streets first, then collector roadways.

The effort will be dedicated to the streets most effected by the significant snowfall.

The clearing of residential areas and designated sidewalks will be delayed until the main roadways and collector roads are cleared.

Residents are advised that the snow plowed to the end of their driveway may be more than usual.

Sidewalk machines are having difficulty clearing snow due to the significant snowfall amounts.

Residents are asked not to block the sidewalks to assist with facilitating snow removal.

Motorists are reminded to drive according to the conditions and allow space for heavy equipment operators to clear roadways safely and efficiently.

Residents should avoid parking on city streets (when possible) to assist in the efficiency of maintaining the roads.

Updates will be posted to the City’s website and social media sites as required.


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