Man who threatened hospital staff with knife and hatchet was in court again

Sault Area Hospital

Richard Mullen, who faced a slew of charges relating to the event at Sault Area Hospital when he threatened staff with a hatchet in Feb. had him in court last week.

The charges relating to this incident were not his first as Mullen has been charged with weapon offences before. Mullen has a very lengthy criminal record.

Back in Feb. Sault Police responded to SAH when Mullen was damaging property while he was holding a knife and hatchet and threatening staff at the facility.

SAH related incidents like this in a press conference late in the summer concerning how difficult it is to keep staff and to hire new staff with the regular threats of violence, sexual harassment and other issues that make working there quite difficult for many.

Mullen was charged with:

  • Assault with a weapon (x4)
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose (x2)
  • Uttering threats (x4)
  • Mischief under $5,000
  • Intimidation – health care workers
  • Breach of probation – failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour (x2)

But when he appeared before the court last week, he had three other charges added to that list. These other charges were in relation to an incident in Apr. of last year.

A woman was threatened in a home on Cunningham St.

Mullen was hiding under the stairs, waiting for the woman. He was arrested with three others.

A .308-rifle was found under a mattress in a bedroom after a search warrant was executed.

Mullen had several court orders not to have any weapons in his possession.

The woman owed a drug debt to Mullen which was said in court and he kept her cellphone as collateral.

Mullen is banned from possessing weapons for life.


  1. Mikey, your leader has been there for seven years and has had plenty of time to fix it. But blaming it on someone else is easier to do. The mind of a liberal Lol

  2. there’s not a single thing the plebs can’t/won’t blame on trudeau even though many of these repeat offenders have records dating back to before harper.

  3. Maybe the government should have a mandatory registration for knives and hatchets, as well as banning certain types of blades, to combat these types of crimes. LOL

    • good luck with that. Trudeau and the Liberal government’s policy hug a thug with catch and release program is detrimental to law abiding citizens, but Hey! Government doesn’t care

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