PM Trudeau announces appointment of new Chief Justice of Ontario


Ottawa, ON  The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the appointment of the Honourable Michael H. Tulloch, a judge of the Court of Appeal for Ontario, as the new Chief Justice of Ontario and President of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Chief Justice Tulloch replaces the Honourable George R. Strathy, who retired effective August 31, 2022.

“The Honourable Michael H. Tulloch is a highly respected member of Ontario and Canada’s legal community. As he takes on his new role as Chief Justice of Ontario and President of the Court of Appeal for Ontario, I wish him continued success. I know he brings a wealth of experience to the position and will continue to serve Ontarians well.” The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Quick Facts
Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices in Canada are responsible for the leadership and administration of their courts. They also serve as members of the Canadian Judicial Council, which works to improve the quality of judicial services in the superior courts of Canada.

Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices are appointed by the Governor General on the advice of Cabinet and the recommendation of the Prime Minister.


  1. “triggered” “cope”

    we’re dealing with the tribal mindset of 14 year olds cheering on canada’s second world present with 500K+ immigrants per year to suppress wages in a collapsing economy built on real estate grifting practiced by both the left and right populist federal failures

    maybe it’s time to start thinking more about your guy’s monetary policy and less about “dunking on the far-right” or whatever it is you put your stars on the fridge over

  2. If this individual is appointed by Trudeau then it doesn’t bode well for Ontario.
    I guarantee you this appointment simply is a political power grab by Trudeau in advance of Ontario making a move regarding the controversial gun grab. He has seen what other provinces are going and wants to exert more power and control so he’s emplacing someone he knows he can control and already has an anti-gun agenda.
    Tulloch is also notorious for not supporting police but supporting criminal law changes that have actually led to an increase in Toronto gang violence.

  3. hail Justin, the hapless wonderchild boy-king who has increased our national debt singlehandedly by more than all other prime ministers in the history of this country, combined together!

    why on earth do we care what this village idiot does or who he appoints? fire him already

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