City council matter, if passes, will shut out the public for good


Tom Vair, Deputy CAO, as well as other City staff want to approve a measure on Monday that will bring one city task behind closed doors for good, something it says will improve “relationships with individual and corporate citizens.”

As there was a need for the services of a real estate agent last year in the sale of industrial properties on Leigh’s Bay Road and Yates Avenue, the City now feels that it wants someone on its team to do that job.

Specifically, the assistant city solicitor or senior litigation counsel would have the ability to sign agreements of purchase and sale, with certain conditions, in order to facilitate the sale of City properties, if this passes at city council on Monday.

This City staff member would be able to negotiate a property sale and would only discuss it with city council in closed sessions. So the public would never be able to respond to the matter.

The matter was also brought forward by Melanie Borowicz-Sibenik, Assistant City Solicitor/Senior Litigation Counsel.


  1. this looks more like a shady way to get rich? can easily see how they learned from the corrupted projects exposed from the last useless mayor and council? hiding business transactions from the public is the idea? This shows how dumb our leaders are in our city more then anything?

  2. If this passes there will be no over-site on the “good old boys/girls club.” There will be nothing to stop city officials (elected or executives) from lining their pockets at the expense of those taxpayers who don’t line up at the trough or kiss the ring of the powerful few.

  3. Good job citizens of sault ste marie for voting all these clowns back in 👏👏👏👏 with you guys fine voting like usual watch our money go to waste now million dollars for 20k property

  4. If this does not open up ppls eyes about the corruption that goes on with mayor and councillors I do not know what else to say. Bottom line more corruption and what is not a better way then behind closed doors to suit their own interests, to fill their own pockets along with their right hand soo favorited land/business owners. Do not think that if this goes through that there is not more to follow. Then again they go against our citizens opinions anyways and do like I have said many time over for there own self interest profitable for certain city land owners along with business. Look back into who owned the old scrape yard property where our casino sites now lol the so called “temporary” casino. He was an old mayor but still sits and has a lot of pull in our city hall.

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