City lets property purchase restrictions slide


A property that has been transferring ownership from the City had some restrictions lifted last night at city council, but this is the last time you will see anything of this nature.

City council also passed the measure that will allow it to make property sales and purchases behind closed doors, without the public hearing or weighing in on the matters.


The property in question is 328 Queen Street, the currently boarded-up building beside the Road to Recovery.

When Carmen Muto Plumbing and Heating purchased the property from the City on an ‘as is’ basis, there were certain conditions put on the company by the City in terms of deadlines to complete renovations.

Muto provided an undertaking to completely renovate and complete the exterior façade work on the property six months after the sale.

Muto would also have to complete the interior within two and a half years.

The City had a clause that if the deadlines were not met, it would take back the property but it let the first deadline slip.

Muto had not completed the façade work as of yet and the deadline has passed. The building is still boarded up.

The City let the deadline slip in the hope that at least there would be one less dead space downtown.

But regardless, this is the last time citizens will hear about property contract transactions with the City like this one.

Any further update on this property are not to be expected.


  1. this is more of poor management by under qualified staff—the same ones who were hit hard last night with a re budget of that welfare downtown building on a tight time table

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