City uses Bon Soo as promoter of plaza when not even close to completion

Bon Soo

With the news that the City is looking to add another $1.4-M to the ballooning cost of the downtown plaza, the City is using documentation from Bon Soo, among others, to state the case for the new cost increase. Too bad Bon Soo will be well over by the time the plaza will be built for 2023.

Of the 19 pages included in the city council’s agenda to talk of the reason for the new, increase in costs, only 3 of the pages provide some explanation and talk of the change.

The other 16 pages are a reiteration of documentation that has already been stated many times before, including a letter from Bon Soo, excited to use the plaza in 2023.

Too bad several aspects of the plaza have now been pushed back to when the frost leaves the ground, which could be April or May. After that, there will be many more aspects still to be completed.

“Our goal is to host 1-2 + events per year in the downtown plaza including winter events
during Bon Soo February 3-12,” wrote Jeany White, manager of Bon Soo in August of last year.

Included in the 16 pages of support for the plaza was a list of financial contributors, two of them being City-entities, which account for almost half ($500,000) of the total contributions ($1,131,160).

Ninety-thousand dollars is from people or companies that the City will not name.

Soo Mill, which was built by the Hollingsworth family, contributed $50,000. City councilor Sandra Hollingsworth is a relative and has sat on the company’s board of directors.

In early May of 2021, the plaza cost figures went from $6.6-M to $8.6-M. Now the City is looking to adjust the cost further to $11.6-M on Monday.


  1. Out of that 50,000 that soomill so generously donated will make another couple 100,000 on top of that. The companies that do the work for the city and the city should all be audited. This has been going on for years. Look at who owns these companies as well as who works as mayor and city counsellors. This is not rocket science, ppl just need to stop turning a blind eye on how the taxpayers money is being spent and what money is funneled to where m, what and why. This is not for the citizens of our city, all of this and many other things that go on in our city is to make certain groups of ppl more money as well as the ppl at city hall. Do you not see certain ppl flip flop from before in office and to now? Since when Avery construction become general contractors and erecting buildings? From a road, bush and a trucking company to masters in carpentry.

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