City wants to add another $1.4-M to plaza; cancelling dock and market funding


With an original price tag of $6-M, back in 2021, the downtown plaza has ballooned a number of times in price and at Monday’s city council meeting, Avery Construction and the City want to add another $1.4-M to the price.

Total cost of the plaza now is $11,609,464, an increase of 1,416,667.

Mayor Matthew Shoemaker, who was initially against the cost increases as a city councilor will be interesting to watch in reaction to this new, massive change in price and cost to the city.

Concrete forms being installed on downtown plaza site, on Aug. 15, 2022. Photo by C.Shoust

Avery Constructions says that there have been a number of delays experienced, relating to supply chain issues and the availability of resources for the project. The most significant delay was the availability of equipment and materials for the outdoor rink feature. These supply chain issues have delayed the ability to pour the rink until the spring timeframe when the frost is out of the ground.

Other delays impacted the project schedule and necessitated pouring of some concrete elements into the winter months which requires additional heating and hoarding costs to be incurred.

Why these costs are added now, when these delays were reported to city council more than four months ago, was not stated.

How is the City going to pay for it? Two main changes are that the City wants to move $660,000 from the Mill Market fund and the dock that was already approved for the Bellevue Marina at $675,000 is to be cancelled.

City councilor Marchy Bruni was also against the price changes last year for the plaza.


  1. You stupid basards he was all forctge plaza before he started running and a you clowns believed every word he said so gullible now look another 1.4 million hahahahaha good job sault ste marie taxpayers u really made a huge difference in that election

  2. All of our local politicians are the same! Never listening to the majority of taxpayers and bringing up major detrimental expenditures without input or consent

  3. Mr Mayor………..put your foot down now that you have a bit more control and stop this white elephant from further over runs………if need be scale it back……..

  4. Here we go again !!! Somehow I feel the city will be asked for even more money before this unwanted venture is completed. It sure is not very fair to the other projects that are now on the back burner due to this fiasco.

  5. Prime example that the ppl in city hall past and present are just puppets. Shoemaker is just realizing this now. Atta boy! Fitting in really well.

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