City wins court case it calls a “bargaining scheme”


The City was in court recently with the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America over changes to the Labour Relations Act that will now allow the City to hire non-unionized, construction subcontractors.

Prior to this amendment, the City was deemed to be a construction employer, which meant it would be bound to the Labour Relations Act, an act that said it had to hire unionized companies for City projects.

Well that is no more.

The carpenters’ unions fought the matter, that the City is calling a “bargaining scheme” in court and lost.

The carpenter’ unions challenged the constitutionality of the amendment on the claim, that it violated section 2(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which includes a right to collective bargaining.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board heard the cases and concluded that there was no breach of section 2(d) of the Charter. The unions then brought an application for judicial review of the Labour Board’s decisions, to the Divisional Court. The matter was heard on December 12, 2022 and the application was dismissed. The Court held that the Board was correct in concluding that there was no infringement of section 2(d) of the Charter.

The unions can still appeal the matter.

It has cost the City $2,500 in legal costs.


  1. I use to work with the carpenters union 2486 and to be honest why would anyone want to hire union workers when 99% of them drag there rear ends which in the end is costing the customer a lot more and deadlines never get met. On top of that they call in retirees in many cases first before all others on the list are at work so they can double dip and whenever I have worked with retirees I have never seen ppl work so slow. Two men 1 sheet of drywall in four hours, is a joke. The union is there to make money off of the workers so then again it starts at the top and in all honesty the union do not care about the workers in turn the workers don’t care about getting it done in a timely fashion and just soak up as much time and money. To be honest many construction companies should not be union and there are plenty of non union companies that pay union wages and treat their employees much better. Good by carpenter and labours amd I am sure there are more to get rid of.

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