Great Northern Road and Second Line East Traffic Study


The City of Sault Ste. Marie has experienced growth at the Great Northern Road/Second Line intersection creating a need to develop a secondary road system to reduce congestion, improve operations, and connect the commercial/industrial areas between Sackville Road, Second Line, Old Garden River Road, Northern Avenue and Great Northern Road.

 Addressing the road discontinuity presents an opportunity to establish a network of collector roads and associated infrastructure within the area. Potential improvements may include extending Industrial Park Crescent southerly to Second Line, one or more connections between Sackville Road and Industrial Park, a connection from Great Northern Road easterly through the commercial development to Old Garden River Road, a northerly Pine Street extension, intersection improvements at Great Northern Road and Second Line and an additional connection south of Second Line.

 This project is being planned under Schedule C of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. A key component of the study includes public input into the planning and design of this project. An information session will be held:

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School Cafeteria

750 North Street

4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (come and go format)

 Consultants and municipal staff will be available to discuss the Great Northern Road/ Second Line Traffic Network, review alternative solutions and gain input from the public.

For further information on the project contact John McDonald, Project Manager, Principal TULLOCH at 705-949-1457 or email [email protected]. As the study progresses, future opportunities for public input will be publicized and forwarded to key stakeholders and other interested parties.



  1. With so many curb entrances and intersections relief won’t come. Don’t push more traffic or heavy traffic into residential areas.

    >Industrial Park Crescent southerly to Second Line
    Bad idea to have yet another intersection along 2nd line. No relief would be provided

    >a connection from Great Northern Road easterly through the commercial development to Old Garden River Road
    What would that relief? Shoppers heading to the east end just to use the light at OGRRd?

    >a northerly Pine Street extension
    Through the high school? Through Foxborough?

    Two things make sense. Connecting willow st to old garden river road. Even making that connection be the main road and the part behind Swiss Chalet be a branch.

    And industrial court at 3rd line be built up and then connect to Sackville.

    Consider someone living in the east end. To get to the aiport 2nd line is the fastest route. It’s hard to provide relief when alternative routes like queen and Wellington have so many lights. People just don’t go that way.

    I could go on forever. Not going to get relief when there was no plan of development from the get go.

    Side rant… Relief from what? It’s really not that bad. For just 1 or 2 hours each day its very busy the rest of the time it’s manageable

  2. this has been an ongoing problem for years, but council and mayor’s priority was a 10 million dollar mall downtown that majority of Saultites didn’t want. The Sackville road extension to Third line was recommended over 5 years ago but has fallen on deaf ears. So, now another assessment and feasibility study repeat. What a joke!

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