GTHL awaits Hockey Canada’s third-party investigation on slurs, threats in group chat


TORONTO — A spokeswoman for the Greater Toronto Hockey League says it’s waiting for the results of Hockey Canada’s third-party investigation into an alleged homophobic incident involving three of its players.

The GTHL says it contacted Hockey Canada and York Regional police after it learned that three players under the age of 18 had allegedly posted dozens of homophobic slurs and death threats in a group chat.

The spokeswoman said the players were immediately removed from the Toronto Titans when the incident occurred in late October 2022.

All three players were cut by the club before the GTHL’s release date of Nov. 15.

An interim order from Hockey Canada’s third-party investigators said that the suspension no longer had to be enforced if the team wanted the players to return.

One player was re-signed to the Titans on Dec. 23, one is now playing on another team and one has not re-registered.

A spokesman from York Regional Police says that its investigation into the incident was closed in December 2022 and no criminal charges were laid.