John Rhodes needs new pool lift

John Rhodes Community Centre

The John Rhodes Community Centre needs a new accessibility pool lift to replace a failing one and may get it at city council tonight.

The current lift is said to be failing and comes at a cost of $16,740.

The current pool lift is 15 years old and requires frequent repair. Replacement is recommended to continue providing a safe experience for persons who require the lift to access the pool.

Healthgear Medical and Safety Inc. was chosen as the successful vendor.

The original quote of $15,355.99, was approved but has since expired. Now it is going to cost the City a little more.

A revised quote has been submitted for $16,740 after HST. This quote includes installation costs, which may not be fully utilized.

Given the increase, the City is of the opinion that a new motion from the Accessibility Committee is not required and it is recommended that Council proceed with the revised quote.


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