Living History Algoma has a lot more storytelling to do

Image from Living History Algoma website.

Living History Algoma, a non-for-profit local group that is centered around trying to preserve the stories of the peoples and places here, before they are lost to the ravages of time, has a list of programming for 2023 already planned.

The group was granted funding recently from the cultural vitality committee to keep up their work.

The group partners with the Sualt Ste. Marie Public Library and has recorded so far the stories of Debbie Lori Kaye and Donna Ramsay Anderson, Linda Szabo, George Gough, Ken MacDougall, Jack Purvis, Bob Cooper, Homer Foster, Rovert Cuerrier, Roberta Bondar, George Shunock and many more.

You can listen and see the stories here.

Their request was for $3,500 to help operate over the course of 2023. The group was granted $3,004. This still needs approval by city council. Grants read through this committee were given funding based on application scores and no requested amount was given 100% of its request.

The committee agreed that it is a strong project and vital for the community.

The group is aiming for 10 productions over 2023 with volunteer interviewers and paid video work and editing.