Millroy: The Bigots In Our Midst


Last week I wrote in support of the Drag Storytime event that had been held at the James L. McIntyre Centennial Library.

Did I know what I was supporting?

Yes. I see it as an event sponsored by a part of what is a diverse group looking for inclusion in our society.

Do I understand it.
Not really, but I am trying.

You have to cut me a little slack here. I am an old-school straight heterosexual who is doing his best to keep up with developing trends.

Growing up in the tolerant Millroy household in the small town of Dryden Ontario, I had no trouble accepting the gay lifestyle when I eventually moved away and came upon it.

I actually came so far that I wrote in a column in The Sault Star in May 1994 that I wouldn’t be against same-sex marriage, something that came about in this country 11 years later.

This early acceptance put me in good stead later on, there not even being a minor bump in my love when a couple of close relatives turned out to be outside the heterosexual realm.
But a lot has changed since then. There are now all kinds of designations when it comes to sexual orientation and gender.

I don’t know if I will ever fully understand the trans world and people known as non-binary who identify with a gender that is not male or female.

But I still am in support and I comb the Internet in search of more information, some of which I am going to share with you. From the LGBT HERO website, I pass on the following definitions:

Being non-binary:
Non-binary is an umbrella term to describe people who identify with a gender outside of the gender binary, and can be categorized under the trans umbrella term, although not all non-binary people identify as trans. The word non-binary describes a wide array of different identities which fall outside of the gender binary, and can be related to, or completely separate from male and female gender identities.

What is the gender binary?
The gender binary is the assumption that all people are one of two genders, female or male, or woman or man. People who identity as a man or a woman identify as a binary gender, since they identify with a gender within the system of the gender binary. A non-binary person simply identifies with a gender that is not male or female.

What kinds of non-binary genders exist?

There are many different genders which exist outside of the gender binary. Some non-binary genders and terms include but are not limited to:
Agender – having no gender or being genderless;
Androgyne – identifying somewhere in between man and woman;
Bigender – having two gender identities, either at the same time or interchangeably;
Demiboy – partially, but not completely, identifying as a man, boy, or masculine person;
Demigender – having partial connection with one gender (male, female, or other);
Demigirl – partially, but not completely, identifying as a woman, girl, or feminine person;
Enby – a slang term to refer to a non-binary person, not all non-binary people identify with this term;
Genderfluid – moving between two or more gender identities at different times, in different circumstances, etc.;
Genderqueer – a non-normative or queer gender, having no exclusive connection to any gender;
Multigender – having more than one gender;
Neutrois – neutral or null gender, similar to agender;
Pangender- having many or all genders within one’s culture;
Transfeminine or Transfem – a person assigned male at birth (AMAB) who identifies with a feminine gender, but does not necessarily identify as a woman;
Transmasculine or Transmasc – a person assigned female at birth (AFAB) who identifies with a masculine gender, but does not necessarily identify as a man;

Pronouns, in relation to gender identity, are nouns that refer to another individual in place of their name in the third-person. Traditionally, a woman would be referred to as she or her and a man would be referred to with he and him. For instance, when introducing herself, a woman might say “I use she/her pronouns.” Some, but not all, non-binary people may choose to continue using the pronouns associated with their assigned gender at birth. Other non-binary people, commonly, use they/them as their pronoun (but can use any pronoun or combination they like).

Can non-binary people transition?
Yes. Just like any other trans person, non-binary people can transition as well.

What does transitioning look like for non-binary people?
Just like trans men and women, there is no requirement for how a non-binary person transitions. Non-binary people may opt to have surgeries to affirm their gender, such as breast removal or reduction, breast implantation, or genital reconstruction. Non-binary people may also choose to transition with hormones, like testosterone or oestrogen.
Some non-binary people may select only one method of medical transitions, while others select multiple, or even none at all. Some non-medical transition options for trans and non-binary people include selecting different pronouns, choosing a new name, or changing their outward presentation (hair style, clothing, makeup, etc.).

There are no rules for how a non-binary person transitions, they might even choose to make little or no changes at all. Regardless of a person’s choice to transition, it does not make them any less non-binary.

Who can be non-binary?
Anyone who does not identify as a man or a woman.

That’s a pretty long list and I think the people who will fully understand all of it will be those who are living it.

They are under intense fire from Republican governors in the United States and groups such as the counter-culture Unity Centre here in the Sault.

I believe it is incumbent upon us to offer these fellow citizens, friends, neighbours, family members, etc., our love and support and do our best to protect them from the bigots in our midst.



  1. MILROY is an example of what is wrong with the press. Not even understanding what the issue is. He is allowed to disagree. This Freedom Movement is about our Constitution that our Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Governments have ignored. We have CHARTER of Rights and Freedoms and Bill of Rights part of the Constitution and these levels of Government ignore it.
    We Have Fundamental Freedoms and Rights.
    Freedom of worship, They shut down our houses of worship in violation of the Constitution.

    We had Freedom of Association, they forced us not to talk to our neighbors, or visit then , Forced us to keep 6 feet away from each other . Forced to wear Paper and Cloth masks which served no purpose, just a reason to make us comply. They Silenced our voices by spying on us . They fined us for all these. Forced vaccinations on us,then denied us jobs , Healthcare and restricted our mobility all violations of our Constitution. In some areas they are still forcing mandates. They keep asking if you are vaccinated which is between myself and my Doctor.
    The claim this is for the common good, rhetoric which was used by the Dictators of the 20th century who murdered over a 100 million people.

  2. comparing left vs right is a false equivalency.

    only one side showed up to disrupt a childrens literacy event. not all right wingers are fascists but all fascists are right wingers.

  3. The problem is that most populist demagogues don’t really run on flags or bibles, they run on fear.

    Right-wingers? Fear of the other. Fear of change. Fear of vague, conspiratorial “replacement.” Bibles and flags might be set-pieces for a “mise-en-scene” to sell to a demographic, but the key is whipping up the population to feel–emotionally–like they are a persecuted minority being erased by evil, liberal progress.

    Left-wingers? Fear of painted devils through shifting rhetoric about “fascism”, appealing to some inborn need for virtuosity. You convince enough of these types that they’re virtuous paragons of righteous morality “beating the Nazis back” and you accidentally end up with radicals like this:

    or even worse.

    Left and right both apply fascist rhetoric to each other.

    From Umberto Eco’s “Ur-Fascism”:

    “Fascist societies rhetorically cast their enemies as “at the same time too strong and too weak”. On the one hand, fascists play up the power of certain disfavored elites to encourage in their followers a sense of grievance and humiliation. On the other hand, fascist leaders point to the decadence of those elites as proof of their ultimate feebleness in the face of an overwhelming popular will.”

    You can see this from the right-wingers. “The left are fools playing dress-up and wasting everybody’s time. They can’t get anything done. Useless!” “The left are in on an evil WEF conspiracy by the Trudeau liberals, effectively dismantling society in front of our eyes!”

    You can see this same contradiction from the left-wingers. Look at Mike, for example. 90% of his Sault Online output is some version of “these guys are uneducated freedummies who can’t tie their shoes without adult assistance… fringe minority!” juxtaposed with “these guys are reversing hundreds of years of social progress… insurrectionists who must be stopped at all costs!”

    The real answer is that it’s time to tune out any time somebody tries to manipulate you with the big F-word, or maybe return a few F-words of your own for wasting everybody’s time.

  4. We were warned that when fascism came to North America it would be wrapped in a flag and holding a bible. That’s the most apt description of the Unity Centre and the rest of the freedummies. We must protect those in our society these emboldened village idiots try to attack and beat them back to protect every inch we’ve gained as a free society.

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