Orkin Canada warns Winter will send Pests indoors looking for Warm Shelter

A captured raccoon peers through the bars of a trap in Grand Isle, Vt., Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007. Ontario scrambled to put up a vaccine net after rabies was detected in raccoons.

Rain, snow, or shine — the weather is one of the best indicators of pest behaviour.

Orkin Canada is reminding homeowners to take proper precautions to pest-proof their property from insects and wildlife seeking shelter from the cold.

  1. Rodents invade homes for food, shelter and warmth as temperatures plunge. Be sure to clean up any spills or food waste and ensure trash cans are tightly covered. If you have items stored outside, stack them at least 40 to 45 cm off the ground.
  2. Raccoons and other wildlife, such as skunks, like to bundle up under porches and in garages. Use tamper-resistant garbage cans and store them away from your home, and ensure that gaps under decks and porches are sealed.
  3. Pest birds may nest in warm spaces in buildings or attics during the winter. Monitor water accumulation at possible nesting sites, eliminate food sources and cover outdoor garbage containers tightly.
  4. Crawling insects can sneak inside through cracks and crevices in windows or door screens, so be sure to seal all potential entry points and reduce outdoor lighting or replace bright bulbs with yellow bulbs.
  5. Cockroaches can be prevented by cleaning and vacuuming regularly, storing food in tightly sealed containers, reducing moisture with a dehumidifier and ensuring that cupboards remain dry.
  6. Spiders also follow their food source in winter – insects! These pests can be prevented by ensuring windows and doors are closed and sealed, caulking gaps in foundational walls, and ensuring your home is free from other insects.


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