Robust, Mature Male, newly single, is seeking companionship…


Meowsers is an 11 year old, long-hair domestic cat with a personality as fluffy as his mane.  He was initially brought to the shelter as part of a bonded pair and was featured on Adopt-a-Pet back in April of 2022 with his former partner, Jasper.  They were adopted into a loving home as a pair, however Jasper, apparently, decided that he wanted to be the only cat in the home.  Now, Meowsers, newly on the market, is seeking a new home and loving owner(s).  He is affectionate, active and very social.  Humane Society staff believe that he would be most comfortable in a quiet home with older children in which he can be cuddled, loved and just relax.  He likes to play, lounge and be near his humans.  For more information on Meowsers you can visit his profile on the Humane Society website. Click here for the details on this sweet man-cat.

If you are not in a position to take on a pet full-time or are unsure if you can fit a pet into your life, the Humane Society is also recruiting foster homes to assist with caring for pets, on a short-term basis.  For more information on how to become a foster home to a pet in need click here.

Other ways that you can help include making a donation of cash or food items – either kibble or wet food (pate is preferred for the feline set).

Also, in this moment, the Humane Society is requesting donations of blankets to provide comfort for the canine population as the weather becomes increasingly more frigid, and always are seeking cat toys to entertain the kitties. Further, with the relaunch of the volunteer program, the Humane Society is now open to receiving your application and welcomes pet lovers to come in and help out to the mutual benefit of the pet populations, staff, and those who want to support this worthy organization.


So very many pets are ready and waiting to start their new lives in their forever homes with YOU, so don’t hesitate!  Start your application today and bring home the unconditional love and affection that can only come from the bottom of a furry heart!