Update: Someone’s trash may be your treasure says the City


Update: City council moved on this matter and City staff will prepare a report for implementation.


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In the attempt to divert some useful materials from the landfill, the City is looking at organizing ‘trash to treasure’ days at city council on Monday.

Many residents in Sault Ste. Marie take advantage of weekends each spring to de-clutter and clean around their homes and much of this inevitably ends up our local landfill.

The City believes that residents will have many items in good condition that others in the community may want.

Also known as ‘free-boxing,’ other municipalities have days where these items are left by the roadside for others to freely pick up, the City wants to look into the idea.

If accepted, the idea may start as early as weekends in May or June.


  1. I believe this, is still a thing. Ya drive by or walk buy many places across town and there is stuff all year and all seasons of the year with ” FREE” on its sign or at CURBSIDE… SO, now making it a weekend event HMMMMM…..

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