The Humane Society has a kitten problem….


These two sweet babies are Olive and Indigo and they are the very definition of cuddly kittens.  Well socialized and sweet as can be, they are healthy, active and ready for you!  At 11 weeks old, they are petite balls of love in motion.  Staff believe that they would adapt well to any home and family and are ready to be loved by all family members.  If you are able to adopt both kitties the Humane Society provides an incentive in the form of significant reduction to the cost of spaying at the 6 month mark.  As the current population of cats at the shelter still considered to be excessive, the Humane Society in once again actively recruiting volunteers.  Contact them today to see how you can support this worthy agency and brighten the days of the pets waiting for loving, new, forever owners.

Currently, the Humane Society is not open to in-person visits and the adoption application must be submitted in advance.  Adoption forms can be accessed online or you can go in person to 962 Second Line East to obtain a paper copy.  Complete the application and submit it to the Humane Society, and then you will be contacted to arrange an in person meeting with your potential new love.

If you are not in a position to take on a pet full-time or are unsure if you can fit a pet into your life, the Humane Society is also recruiting foster homes to assist with caring for pets, on a short-term basis.  Beyond providing the basics in care for a furry beauty, the Humane Society has recently received a litter of kittens that are in need of socialization fostering–getting them used to living with humans.  In the case of fostering pets, the Humane Society provides food and necessities to support this temporary care accommodation.  For more information on how to become a foster home to a pet in need click here.

Other ways that you can help include making a donation of cash or food items – either kibble or wet food (pate is preferred).

Also, in this moment, the Humane Society is requesting donations of blankets to provide comfort for the canine population as the weather becomes increasingly more frigid, and always are seeking cat toys to entertain the feline set.

So very many pets are ready and waiting to start their new lives in their forever homes with YOU, so don’t hesitate.  Start your application today and bring home the unconditional love and affection that can only come from the bottom of a furry heart!






  1. You nesd to have a vat available in order to adopt, as this is what my stepdaughter was told on the phone today when she called them.

    With no local vets taking on new patients, how can anyone adopt??????

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