Big Betty is a Boss — and she wants Your Heart!

Big Betty is coming to get you!

Big Betty is soft, full-bodied and exquisite! Confident, affectionate and good natured, she is seeking her forever home. While she acknowledges that she has some weight-loss goals ahead of her, she is certain that the right human will help her to reach her target weight.  A beautiful brown tabby, she is well suited to most homes and a great companion.  Happy to relax and cuddle, she would also enjoy some gentle play to get her activity levels up.  She has been in the loving care of the Humane Society since August 2022 and is looking forward to a home over which she can preside in a firm but loving manner. If you are looking to add the unconditional love of a calm and loving pet, look no further than Big Betty.  She is so ready for you! For more information on the luscious Big Betty, please click here.

Currently, the Humane Society is not open to in-person visits and the adoption application must be submitted in advance.  Adoption forms can be accessed online or you can go in person to 962 Second Line East to obtain a paper copy.  Complete the application and submit it to the Humane Society, and then you will be contacted to arrange an in person meeting with your potential new love.

If you are not in a position to take on a pet full-time or are unsure if you can fit a pet into your life, the Humane Society is also recruiting foster homes to assist with caring for pets, on a short-term basis.  For more information on how to become a foster home to a pet in need click here.

Other ways that you can help include making a donation of food items – either kibble or wet food (pate is preferred for cats).  Cash donations are welcomed, of course, and, as a registered charity, the Humane Society is ready to provide a receipt for inclusion with your income tax return.  Also, the Humane Society recently announced the return of their popular volunteer program and would welcome pet-lovers to support their operations!!  Click here to get started!

Lastly, with cold temperatures of Winter upon us, the Humane Society is requesting donations of blankets to provide comfort for the canine population and always are seeking cat toys to entertain the feline set.

So very many pets are ready and waiting to start their new lives in their forever homes with YOU, so don’t hesitate.  Start your application today and bring home the unconditional love and affection that can only come from the bottom of a furry heart!

**Editor’s note: There is no video component this week, however next week will see the return of our live, in-studio visit with our pet of the week.**