Bon Soo snow carving competition starts to ‘heat up’

Art Hub Team works on their sculpture. Shown from left to right is Sophia Gabor, Penny Gabor, Lucia LaFord and Brad Robinson (not shown). Photo by C.Shoust

If you are having a hard time making out the sculpture in this feature image, you will have to head down to Clergue Park at the end of East Street, downtown, to understand why the snow carving competition is ‘heating up.’ There is a pun somewhere there.

The Art Hub Team with Lucia LaFord, Penny Gabor, Sophia Gabor and Brad Robinson have been working since Thursday, through frigid temperatures and a white-out to craft their image in the snow.

Being that this is their first time doing the competition, they didn’t know what to expect and were surprised when the eight foot cubed blocks were dropped off to sculpt.

Only one other sculpture is near completion (seen below) and was being admired by one family when we came down to take photos this afternoon.

One snow carving that was being admired by Josh Schill with young ones, Mason, Asia and Ellie. Photo by C.Shoust