City council may review parking options on Queen Street


City councilors Sandra Hollingsworth and Angela Caputo are putting a resolution forward at Tuesday’s city council meeting to review options for parking on Queen Street that would better the businesses and customers.

“Parking can impact a retailer’s business and the customer experience,” as is written in the resolution.

The two councilors want to offer solutions to parking on Queen Street with specific restrictions that will ensure parking will not be abused but promote ideas that come directly from retailers that understand customers and retailer’s needs around parking.

Council will review ideas to determine if the solution is feasible.

If approved on Tuesday, City staff will interview retailers and the Downtown Association to develop a pilot on implementing a downtown parking pass for Queen Street that includes:

  • restrictions such as a maximum amount of time
  • a possible discount for monthly passes that can be easily displayed in the individual’s car

Staff will provide council with options no later than June 1, 2023 that can be implemented for this summer.


  1. These two councillors need to sit down and shut up.
    Downtown parking is just fine. You want to keep people from going downtown just keep doing stupid things .

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