2 Vehicle Collision In Sault Michigan reroutes Traffic


A collision involving two vehicles has redirected traffic in Sault Michigan this morning, according to an eye witness.

The collision has been observed at the corner of Ashmun Street and 8th.

First responders including Police, Border Patrol, Paramedics, and the Fire Department are currently on scene.  An occupant of one vehicle required mechanical emergency extraction.

In this moment Ashmun Street is closed both Northbound and Southbound. Drivers are urged to plan alternate routes to destinations as no access to Ashmun is currently permitted from 8th.

The public is asked to avoid the area while crews work to clear the scene.

Information will be updated as it becomes available.


  1. Are there not more than enough automobile accidents to cover on this side, hard up for news?
    How about a serious inquiry to the appropriate authorities into the air and water quality in the area of and downstream from Algoma steel.
    Far too many people are getting cancer and all kinds of serious respiratory diseases. Certain parties do not want the scary facts and figures published, but they need to be before this goes on for decades longer.

    • Ohh be quiet. You don’t need to voice your opinion about every little damned thing. Would you rather read about a car accident or a mass murder? If you care so much why don’t you run for mayor, or better yet, the chief editor of Sault online? You always have so much to say about everything, you might aswell turn it into an article on a news website.

      Get off your computer, go outside and touch the grass for a minute or two.