4 Students and a Robot – A Mechanical Recipe for Success!


Extra-curricular activities at the high school level have evolved in a dynamic and entrepreneurial manner and 4 students at Notre Dame du Sault have excelled at an International level.

Liam Spacek, Sophie Barrette, Gabby Gutierrez, and Luke Dallair are an awesome team who demonstrate dedication, mechanical aptitude, and general savvy in their love of robotics and coding.  They have formed a team that has won competitions locally and provincially with their robotic creations.

Most recently, they have been invited to participate in the Vex World Robotics competition in Dallas, Texas on April 24th and 25th.  While their school is proudly supporting this international demonstration of their skill in the competition with a contribution towards the costs of attending, the teens and their families are working towards raising funds to ensure they are able to attend.

To this end a Gofundme page has been set up. If you are able to, please go to their page and consider a donation to send these 4 entrepreneurs to the competition! You can also follow them on Instagram.

To learn more about the Vex World Robotics competition click here.