A Little Gouging at the Pumps?


Two days ago, SaultOnline.com informed you that gas prices were on the way up in Sault Ste. Marie.  Prices shot up 22 cents a litre over a ten day period at McDougall Energy owned stations.

On Tuesday, McDougall owned stations were selling fuel for $1.59.9 . Last week, prices at most stations were in the $1.39 / litre range.

Most stations didn’t follow McDougall Energy’s lead  but did raise prices to $1.48 / litre. While others kept the prices the same.

Sault Ste. Marie wasn’t the only community to see prices jump up recently. Toronto area gas stations were selling for $1.50 earlier this week. Toronto stations dropped it by 2 cents today.

Today however, McDougall is following their competition and dropped their prices to $1.48 / litre.   That’s a 14 cent drop from yesterday and early this morning. One has to wonder, what circumstances created a jump in the price of gas only to have it fall again just two days later? We’re often told by gas and oil watchdogs that supply and demand is the main reason. Another excuse is the switch from Winter gas to Summer Gas while others blame the Trudeau government and the carbon tax. None of those factors applied to the sudden increase and then the sudden drop in prices at the pumps.

The lowest price for gas remains at First Nation locations. The Esso on Frontenac continues to sell for as little as $1.39.9 as well as Gen7 in Rankin who have the cheapest price at $1.38.9 as of 11am Thursday.


    • No, dude, it’s out and out gouging, and it’s nothing new to the local king of gougers.
      What’s so sad is that far too many people don’t seem to care as they keep patronizing them.

      Some people obviously have money to burn, like the ones that fill a cart full of groceries at Metro or Romes without looking at a single price. It’s these people that encourage the gouging to continue.