UPDATE: Ron Francis Way Investigation


Officers are no longer holding the scene at the GFL Memorial Gardens on Ron Francis Way. Traffic is now flowing normally.

This morning an altercation took place on Ron Francis Way, which resulted in one person sustaining stab wounds and a vehicle striking a partition in the parking lot of the GFL Memorial Gardens. The person suffering from the stab wounds was transported to hospital.

Detectives with Investigation Services are currently working to determine who the other people involved in the altercation are. At this time, it is not believed the injured person and the others involved are known to each other.

The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information about this incident please contact Detective Constable Darren Sagle by calling 705-949-6300 ext. 340.



  1. “Not known to eachother” And this is why we need the right to protect and defend ourselves. Calling the police isn’t always available during every situation, and even then, they are minutes away which can be forever for a victim. Alot can happen in those few minutes. Instead our government wants the victim to tell the criminal “they are loved” then sit there and get beat/stabbed/S.A’d. This government is a disgrace. If you’re a victim, our government couldn’t care about you. We all know this suspect will be out shortly, to do it all over again.