Ontario integrity commissioner pauses Ford stag-and-doe probe


TORONTO — Ontario’s integrity commissioner says he’s temporarily setting aside a request from the NDP to issue an opinion on Premier Doug Ford’s daughter’s stag-and-doe event.

Integrity Commissioner J. David Wake says in a statement today that while there are some “flaws” in the request from NDP Leader Marit Stiles, he isn’t outright dismissing it – just pausing it – because there is overlap with a related investigation.

Stiles had also asked Wake to investigate what she called the “curious timing of recent purchases of Greenbelt land by powerful landowners with donor and political ties to the Ontario PC Party.”

Wake says he and his staff are reviewing the “extensive material” gathered so far, have done independent research, and are preparing summonses for numerous witnesses to be interviewed.

Ford and Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark have both denied tipping off developers ahead of the public announcement that the government would remove land from 15 different areas of the protected Greenbelt so that 50,000 homes can be built.

Ford has acknowledged that some developers, who are friends, attended the $150-a-ticket stag-and-doe event and media reports say lobbyists and government relations firms were also invited.

But Wake says the only question that matters is whether Ford himself received any funds, which the premier has denied.



  1. ‘Integrity Commissioner’ Of course he’s going to deny any of it.. just like he denied, even after an openly public statement by the military, he still denied murdering all those seniors by allowing them to be strapped them to their beds, abandoned, covered in their own feces & begging for a glass of water..

    He ordered them to be killed any-ways, just so he could boost the estimated Covid mortality estimates & justify the use of the ‘Emergencies Act’..

    If this system had even a shred of ‘Integrity’ left.. they certainly would not have allowed Ford to weaponize the RCMP, having them ‘hunt-down’ any-one who dared to call him out over the 50-million dollar contract he awarded himself for making ‘social distancing’ stickers during the so called ‘pandemic’ that had a 98.7% survival rate & very little effect on children.

    They never would have allowed ‘Dominion Voting machines’.. mail-in ballots, no questioning of his ’20 minute landslide’ election results. With no scrutineers or recounts allowed while hiding behind the loop-hole of a ‘Provincial Emergency’..

    Changing the definition of ‘Emergency’ only goes to prove that you can take the ‘gangster’ out of the projects.. but you can’t take the treasonous mafia boss out of Queens-park, just sayin’.

    There is a storm coming to ‘the hill’ & this time.. we will not be coming with such a ‘peaceful’ disposition. This genocidal sociopath could care less about the citizens of Ontario.. as long as he gets to slither around ‘toothless’ inquiries & gutless Commissioners at 150-bux per plate.. he has no remorse, or even a second thought about how many seniors or innocent children died for his criminal behavior.

    As long as him & his ‘buddies’ continue to obliterate the ‘middle-class’ taking a cut out of everything we once held sacred.. he would continue to stomp though the bodies if he thought there was a dollar in a pocket, or a billion dollar organ harvesting industry up & running in Ukraine.. just sayin’ this kind of ‘pure-evil’ doesn’t growl at you in the dark.

    It smiles while it’s pissing in your ear & telling you it’s raining.

    Strange daze indeed..
    [email protected]