Several Ontario police forces target street racing, say activity is on the rise


Several police forces in Ontario say they will be working together to crack down on street racing, which they say has been on the rise.

Police across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Ontario Provincial Police are part of the operation –  dubbed Project Erase – that will use enforcement and education to combat the issue.

Toronto police acting Supt. Matt Moyer says that since January, Toronto has seen 521 charges related to stunt driving and a 31 per cent increase in stunt driving calls over last year.

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services has had their fair share of street racing and stunt driving in the last several years.

On July 1, 2021 new Stunt Driving regulations under the Highway Traffic Act came into effect. Changes include increased penalties for first time convictions, new speed limits considered stunt driving and if you are charged for stunt driving your vehicle will immediately be impounded for 14 days. The average fee to have your vehicle towed and impounded for 14 days is $1,400.

Sault Police Services Traffic Sergeant Ray Magnan says “Driving at dangerous speeds is proven to cause serious injuries and death for the driver and passenger of vehicles,” adding “We urge each member of Sault Ste. Marie and Prince Township to drive according to conditions and to obey posted speed limits.”

Stunt Driving now includes driving 40 kilometres per hour (kph) over any posted limit below 80 kph. In addition, driving 50 kph over any posted limit above 80kph is stunt driving.

Police in Peel Region and Durham Region say they’ve laid a combined 600 charges against those accused of street racing this year.

Durham Region’s deputy police chief says his force has started using automatic licence plate readers as part of efforts to combat street racing and York Region police say the use of unmarked cruisers will be part of their enforcement efforts.

Anyone who sees aggressive driving or street racing is asked to report it to police or Crime Stoppers.